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Life can be challenging and cause feelings of dysregulation and chaos. Counseling is a safe place for children, teens, and adults to get support.

We experience health when the physical, emotional, and intellectual parts of us are working together. Understanding how our brain impacts our emotional and physical parts as well as our core need for a secure attachment is the foundation of my work as a counselor. I use the principles of interpersonal neurobiology, the study of how our brain and emotions are connected, to help you not only understand how your brain’s wiring is impacting your present experiences, but to start to rewire the unhealthy pathways for a more connected and thriving life.  

Counseling for Children Ages 3 and Older

For children, play is their primary language. My role is to provide a safe place for children to use play in therapeutic ways to help express their feelings, process challenging experiences, and learn new skills. The foundation of my work with children comes from a child centered play therapy approach. This approach works to create a safe space for children to bring both their strengths and challenges into the room and move towards health and thriving.

Counseling for Adults

For adults, counseling can be a safe space to get helps and support for current challenges as well as how past experiences are impacting current life. I offer trauma informed counseling and utilize both traditional forms of therapy such as ACT and CBT as well as expressive art interventions to adults wanting a different approach to understanding their lived experiences.


  • Play therapy for children ages 3+
  • Parent Coaching
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Family Therapy Session

I work with individuals and families across the lifespan by creating a safe place for you to overcome personal challenges and move towards thriving.