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What is parent coaching?

Parent Coaching’s main purpose is to support you so your family can flourish. Get support based in the latest research on brain science, regulation, and development to meet the unique needs of your family. By focusing on the strengths of your family, we build your confidence and motivation to actively move towards experiencing more peace in your home. Coaching is different from counseling and is ideal for parents who want specific tools to address the needs of their family. 

What we focus on grows in our lives. Through coaching, you will learn more about yourself and personal strengths. Using your unique strengths, we will work together to integrate research driven knowledge and tools to improve communication and bring more peace. Whether you are looking for support and accountability regarding behavioral challenges or want to experience more connection with your family, I help you know yourself better so you can thrive.

What can I expect from parent coaching?

During each session, I listen with intention and ask purposeful questions. Then I will provide information as well as offer suggestions specific to your parenting needs. Finally, get accountability to take action to move towards more peace and connection. 

Our work together will help you to better define your family’s values. We will then identify the tools you need and design the action steps to take that will more you towards living those values out in your family. You can expect to get accountability and encouragement every step of the way.

All coaching sessions are done via video call and are available to families around the world. Start getting the support you need today. 

Who can benefit from coaching?

  • New parents wanting help establishing shared parenting values and tolls
  • Preschool parents struggling with defiance and opposition
  • Sleep disruptions/training 
  • Behavioral challenges at any age
  • Families in transition
  • Tools for navigating ADHD and/or learning challenges
  • Parents wanting tools to meet the specific needs of their teens 
  • Navigating screen/technology challenges

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You are not alone. My mission is to offer you practical solutions for a thriving life. 

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