What is coaching?

Coaching is a unique relationship with the main purpose of supporting you to be your best self. By focusing on your strengths, we build your confidence and motivation to actively move towards making your dreams a reality. Coaching is different from counseling and is ideal for those who are ready to work towards specific goals. 

What we focus on grows in our lives. Through coaching, you will learn more about yourself and personal strengths. Using your unique strengths, we will work together to identify personal actions steps to accomplish your goals. Whether you are looking for support and accountability regarding parenting, personal goals, or business goals, I help you know yourself better so you can thrive.

What can I expect from coaching?

During each session, I listen with intention, ask purposeful questions, provide information, offer suggestions and accountability that will move you more towards your preferred future. 

Our work together will help you to better define your dreams and goals. We will then identify the tools you need and design the action steps to take that will more you towards reaching them. You can expect to get accountability and encouragement every step of the way.

All sessions are done via video call so you can get the support you need all from the comfort of your own home. 

Who can benefit from coaching?

  • Parents 
    • Get individual support to gain more parenting tools to address challenges such as ADHD, learning disabilities, explosive behavior, adoption, foster care, blended family, co-parenting, sleep and anxiety.
  • Individuals Experiencing a Life Transitions 
    • Support during any transition: moving, new job, divorce/separation, single parenting, co-parenting.
  • Individuals and Small Groups Wanting Health and Wellness Support
    • Help to grow your health and wellness through self-care, nutrition and movement coaching.
  • Small Business Coaching
    • Define your mission, vision, and branding, as well as define business goals and get accountability to meet your goals.


Stop living in the habits and patterns that are draining life and start moving towards rhythms that bring wholeness.