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I work with people of all ages by creating a safe place to overcome personal challenges and move towards flourishing.  

I specialize in counseling and play therapy services for children and teens who have experienced developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, or behavioral issues. 


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We experience health when our physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual parts are working together. Understanding how each impacts our lived experience is the foundation of my work. I use the principles of interpersonal neurobiology  and polyvagal theory to help you understand how your brain need for safety and survival is impacting your present experiences. With this information we focus on learning to rewire the unhealthy pathways for a more connected and flourishing life.  

Play Therapy for Children Ages 3 and Older

Play is the primary language of children. Through play children express feelings, process challenging experiences, and learn new skills. The foundation of my work is a child centered play therapy approach. This approach follows the lead of the child in play to to create a safe space for change. Acceptance, empathy, and reflection transform play into a catalyst for flourishing. 

As part of the counseling process for children, I meet separately with parents to support you so your family can flourish. Get support based in the latest research on brain science, regulation, and development to meet the unique needs of your family. 

I specialize in working with children who have experience developmental traumas, anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, and learning difficulties. My additional training includes non-directive play therapy, Synergetic play therapy, sand tray, and EMDR.

Counseling for Adults

Life is hard! I often hear clients say something to the effect of “This is not what I imagined.”  Counseling can be a safe space to get help.  I offer trauma informed counseling that addresses the physical, emotional, and intellectual impact of our stories on our current well-being. 

During our work together I will draw on my training in polyvagal theory, somatic therapies, and EMDR. In addition, I offer expressive art interventions, including sand tray, to anyone wanting a different approach to understanding their lived experiences. 

I specialize in working with adults who are experiencing challenges in their daily lived experience and want support to know themselves better. Get help to better understand your experience with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, parenting troubles, and more. Move from survival to thriving.


Play therapy for children ages 3+

Expressive art modalities for children, teens, and adults

Parent Coaching

Individual Therapy Sessions

Family Therapy Session

In-person sessions for children

In-person or virtual appointments for teens and adults

Fees and Insurance

All counseling sessions are 50 minutes and are $160/session. 

I am an out-of-network provider for insurance and can provide you with a super bill at the end of each month. You will be responsible for managing and submitting the super bill to your insurance company for any out-of-network benefits.

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Contact me by email to request an appointment. I will respond within 1 business day. 

When you have a confirmed appointment time, you will receive an intake email. Please fill out all intake documents before our first appointment.


First Appointment

During our first appointment, our goal is to get to know each other.

I will ask questions to learn what is bringing you or your child to counseling. Then I will share more about how I can help.

Together we will determine a plan for future appointments that best meets your needs. 

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