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Counseling and Play Therapy in Portland Oregon


My name is Hannah Benedict. I offer counseling, play therapy, and parent coaching in Portland, Oregon. It’s my belief that everyone can overcome challenges. I help clients of all ages and backgrounds to flourish. 


My mission is to empower individuals and families with practical solutions to overcome challenges and flourish.




Counseling and Play Therapy in Portland Oregon

Story is at the core of who we are.


As children, we listened to stories, made up stories, and act out stories.

As we grow, stories remain at our core.

The stories inside us dictate how we show-up. In our families, in our friendships, and in our work.

With curiosity, we can learn more about the stories inside us. Some stories serve us well. Others we will write new stories so we can flourish.

StoryWorks encompasses the practice of knowing and living your story. Counseling, play therapy, parent coaching, and trainings are grounded in the work of story. However we work together, you will get tools to write and live your best story.


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Counseling and Play Therapy in Portland Oregon

Counseling and Play Therapy

Life can be challenging. Counseling is a safe place to overcome personal challenges and move towards thriving.  

Utilizing a variety of interventions, including play therapy and expressive arts, I will help you feel empowered to make positive changes.

I offer counseling and play therapy to children and adults living in Oregon.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching’s main purpose is to support parents. Get help for the unique needs of your family. I offer tools based the latest research in brain science, regulation, and development. 

I work with parents who need support, accountability, and tools to help their families flourish. 

Parent Coaching services are available virtually across the globe.


Counseling and Play Therapy in Portland Oregon

Trainings and Resources

Get simple and effective tools for parenting. I work with schools and community groups on a variety of parenting topics. The goal is to increase access to positive parenting skills. Contact me today to see how I can help.

I am also the co-founder of Action Parenting. Our mission is to provide you with your personal roadmap to a strong family. You can find out more at


Children and Stories

Children are not just learning how to read or that 1+1=2. Both positive and challenging experiences influence a child’s internal story. This internal story impacts their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

Our bodies and minds are always looking for clues for safety. When a child experiences something unsafe, it greatly impacts their story.

Through play, children are able to share their internal story. Within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, children can write an internal story that helps them flourish. 


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