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    The ACT Parenting Community is a group of parents who want holistic tools to address the challenges of parenting. Our world is full of uncertainty, stress, and fear. Raising children to be resilient in spite of challenges in their world is challenging.

    Our whole bodies are effected by anxiety and trauma. Feelings of anxiety and experiences of trauma stress the parenting relationship and can begin to disrupt our ability to show-up well for our kids. We recognize the challenge and have tools that can help.

    Join the ACT Parenting Community today and start getting the action steps, connection with community, and teachings to bring peace and calm to your family.


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    Whole Body Calm Class


    Are you looking for practical tools for addressing trauma and anxiety in your own body or the body of your loved one? I’m excited to announce that I’ve had the unique opportunity to partnered with my good friend, Dr. Jessi Sigander founder of the Brain Breakthrough, to provide you with easy and effective holistic tools to release and rewire the body’s experience of trauma and anxiety. Combining the body based techniques of Brain Breakthrough therapy and the latest research in interpersonal neurobiology, learn to stop the cycle in you and your family members by addressing anxiety as a whole body experience.



    From the comfort of your own home learn:


    • Simple techniques based on Brain Breakthrough Therapy and the latest research in interpersonal neurobiology
    • A combination of online learning and two optional Zoom sessions with both Dr. Jessi Sigander (Founder of the The Brain Breakthrough) and myself, Hannah Benedict (Certified Parent Coach).
    • Ongoing support and access to additional specialized training opportunities through our private Whole Body Calm Facebook Group.
    • Course cost: $89

    To register, please click here.

    “Practical tools for addressing trauma and anxiety in your own body or the body of your loved one.”